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In the Spring of 2010, author and radio personality Michael Baisden’s 1 Million Mentors Campaign was held in Chattanooga.  He challenged the attendees with the following statement, “What are you going to do when I leave Chattanooga?”  


On May 18 2010, a group of men from various organizations (e.g fraternities, 100 Black Men, Boule, Shriners, Masons, service organizations, etc.), with an interest in helping young African-American males become successful and productive adults, began planning a Boys’ Leadership Summit (BLS) which was held in October 2010. The Boys’ Leadership Summit (BLS) targets males in grades 6-12 and will involve workshops, training and other activities to help attendees learn to cope with issues and problems facing youth today.  We are expecting 500 boys and 100 parents to attend this year's BLS.  

For Rictor Craig Jr., going to school was never a drag. He knew early on that both giving and receiving an education would be major passion of his. He knew so much, that he began taking college courses in the 11th grade in his hometown of Chattanooga, Tennessee. 


Rictor holds a B.A. in Professional English from North Carolina A&T State University, a M.A.T from Morgan State University, a Masters of Science in Administration from Trinity Washing University and is currently pursuing his Doctorate in Educational Leadership from The University of Maryland Eastern Shore. Rictor attributes his love of learning to his parents, who didn’t have the same opportunities as he did when it came to education. For Rictor , encouraging and overseeing scholars is import in guaranteeing quality education and hope for an better education. 

Pastor Adrian D. Davis, also known as Pastor A.D., serves as the Senior Pastor of All Nations Worship Assembly - Huntsville, Alabama (ANWA-HSV). A native of Chattanooga, Tennessee he accepted the call to ministry at the young age of 18. Understanding his mandate, Pastor Davis is committed to building the kingdom leading as many souls as possible to accept Christ as their personal Lord and Savior.

Pastor A.D. is known as a trailblazer, profound communicator, an innovator. He is known for his non-traditional ministry approach painting vivid pictures of the Word of God without compromising the message. Pastor A.D. creates interactive and compelling illustrations bringing the text to life, strengthening believers while reaching those who might otherwise reject church.

As a leader, Pastor A.D. is a “pastor to pastors,” social agent for change, community activist, motivational speaker, and mentor to hundreds of high school and college student in the Tennessee Valley area. Pastor A.D. is also an entrepreneur, designer, consultant and best-selling author of ‘Tears Down a Smiling Face’ (2013).

He received his Master’s degree in Divinity from Johnson Bible College (Nashville, TN). Pastor AD (Pastor Chris Sands) is one half of the world-renowned duo known as Beyond Words Mime Ministry. Through this mime ministry, he has traveled the world leading souls to Christ for over fifteen years.

His motto, “It’s better to train up whole children, then to fix broken adults” encouraging all he encounters to reach back and help the next generation, who will advance us forward.






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